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                                Welcome to Things Unexplained
Since as far back as I can remember the stories fascinated me.  Sitting around camp fires with friends and family, the more people the better.The stories just seemed to never end. And when the wee hours of mourning came around after hearing all the stories the thought of sleeping out there in the woods. Laying in my sleeping bag trying really hard straining my ears listening to hear if Bigfoot was coming, or maybe an alien craft would ascend overhead, or even a ghost of a miner that lost his life in the old Paterson mine would come visit me looking for some company OOOOOOOoooo! Well to say the least I didn't sleep well on nights like that!  I always knew I loved the stories but I just figured I was probably one in a few hundred or so that seemed to take an interest in the unexplained. But now many years later I know that was arrogant thinking. Turn on the TV and it is filled with programming about all these topics  Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot. So I have decided in my spare time to build a website about the unexplained I figured do something I love in my spare time so this is collective dedicated to the unexplained. Do I think personally the unexplained does really exist? Ghosts ya I think they do for what purpose do they roam in places they died at who knows, or maybe it's not the person who died at all just a board demon with nothing better to do than pretend to be is the person who enjoys the reactions of the living as it makes it's presence known! Bigfoot I don't know what to think about this one but true or false the stories are just as fascinating to me now as in my youth. Aliens well it's a big universe out there I havent seen one but i'm keeping my eyes on the sky! So at any rate I'm glad the stories exist to expand my focus on more than just the everyday hum drum stuff that I deal with, you know like paying taxes, working for a boss, paying bills you know what I mean. So sit back enjoy the stories I have researched out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have putting it together.

Things Unexplained
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